improvised thoughts...


We uncovered what is inherent in our bones and our muscles. We told those stories. We followed the circuits of our impulses. We improvised…

I am not interested in improvisation as an outcome. I am interested in composition and improvisation as the means to get us there.

finding balance.

Our paths will run parallel. Our circuits will be electric.

Nothing can be standardized. Each instant is its own.


impulse. inclination. instinct.

When improvisers create together, we each agree to be a part of the decision-making process. That’s the only way it works. #democracy

Improvisation is a practice in evaporating “wants” and collecting “chances”

As improvisers, we venture into the unknown, we take the risks; we chase the surprises; and, we occasionally go ahead and fall. Then, we manage to put it all back together again. And...isn’t that the best part?

improvisation is intuition. We just keeping choosing and choosing and choosing, riding the flow. Leaving no space for fear or retreat, we move forward... 

pause.flow.exit...this is the work of improvisers. We follow our intuition. We listen. We allow our hunches, rational & irrational, to guide us. When we create in this way, we are free. Nothing has to happen; and, therefore, everything does.