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It all started when…

…I was invited to be a guest curator at Triskelion Arts in 2016. I found that I loved seeking out artists and promoting their damn good work! I As a curator, I am dedicated to supporting the artistic process and all its magical twists and turns. I champion the artist rather than the finished product and aim to cross-pollinate art communities, viewers and performers alike, through the curation of events that bring together artists from different mediums, genres, and perspectives.

Most recently, I curated the Never Before, Never Again Improvisation Festival at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn in January 2019. This year the festival happened over 3 weekends with performances and workshops. NBNA is designed to support improvisation-based performance artists and to highlight the varied possibilities and styles of improvisation. The festival is a platform for artists and viewers to approach performance as an experiment, raise questions, eliminate the tight grip of expectation, and replace it with freedom, risk, and communication.

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