My current practice and ongoing experiment is rooted in improvisation in performance. I am drawn to improvisation because it allows for the stripping away and the confrontation of inhibitions. It is a shift away from "likes and dislikes". Improvisation by nature invites chaos and chance. If we look at these circumstances as surprises and invitations rather than threats, we are open to the good stuff.  We can then expand and experiment and invent. This type of work asks us to give up a certain value system, one that is based on success or failure, one that is based on good or bad.  It asks us to work and give intently, to just do and do and do and do.

I am in a band of sorts. It is called Launch Movement Experiment. We are a band of creatives and we experiment with improvisation. It is a collaborative practice. Together, we explore real-time composition through the interaction of movement, light, set, and sound. With improvisation, we uncover what is inherent in our bones, our muscles. We dig into our inhibitions and impulses. We are storytellers. We narrate the architecture of the room or the impulse of an elbow. Each moment is not intended to be perfect. Each promises to be living and breathing.

It is equal parts magic, mining, craft, and seance.

movers: Patrick Ferreri + me

lighting designer: Andy Dickerson

sound: Fade Kainer

Pause: wait, decide what your next move will be.

Flow: our muscles and their memories react, establish, expand.

Exit: turn around. see what you left behind… move on?